Finding Motivation for Health & Spirituality {Embracing Self Care}

Finding Motivation for Health & Spirituality: Embracing Self-Care at

Woah, so this is a big topic, huh? Where do we even begin talking about Health & Spirituality as a form of self-care? Of course, it's important for us to make time in our lives for both, and they are both things that can easily fall through the cracks and get lost in the mundane day-to-day duties of being a wife, mom, home-manager, and more. But, we always feel better after we do them, don't we? We can always feel good about the time we've set aside to focus on our own health or … [Read more...]

Knowing Yourself: Grace for Today {Embracing Self-Care}

Knowing Yourself: Grace for Today {Embracing Self Care} at

As I sat down to write this first post in the Embracing Self-Care series about truly knowing yourself, I found it just little ironic that that I am in a season where I'm being forced to slow down and listen to myself, to know myself. It's been a little quiet around here lately - not too many new posts. And honestly, it's not just because I'm busy in other areas of life (although that is true too), but mostly it's just because I've been feeling really dry, worn-out, unmotivated, and just kinda … [Read more...]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Get Ready for the Embracing Self-Care Series!

Embracing Self-Care: A Community Blogging Project at

I'm sure that many of us are familiar with burnout. That feeling of stress and overwhelm that you just can't shake off. The exhaustion that creeps in throughout the day and overtakes you by eight o'clock in the evening. The thought that you would do anything to have just 10 minutes of alone time to do something that's just for you, and not for anyone else. Not because you're selfish, just because you give everything of yourself to everyone else and then there's nothing left to fill your … [Read more...]

Is praying to end abortion missing the point?

stop abortion now

The other day I was out running when I saw a big sign in the back of a car that said, "Pray to End Abortion!" I stared at the back of that car as it drove down the street away from me and I couldn't help but think, 'Isn't that kind of missing the point?' Don't get me wrong, I am morally opposed to abortion. I believe in the sanctity of human life and I believe that all life should be protected and cherished, especially the lives of those who have no voice to advocate for themselves. I … [Read more...]

7 Documentaries to Watch to Impact Your World

7 Documentaries to Watch to Impact Your Worldview at

Over the past several years my hubs and I have developed a love for documentaries. It probably started with our subscription to Netflix which we stream through our Blueray player. I love all the access to documentaries that Netflix gives us - that we didn't have before. And since recently canceling our cable (again) now that the Olympics are over - we're back to relying on Netflix for most of our TV viewing. Just like the books I've read (and am currently reading) that have impacted my … [Read more...]

Choosing a Safer Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Choosing a Safer, Non-Toxic Shower Curtain at

We've probably all experienced the lovely chemical smell that permeates the air when you take a new shower curtain out of the package and hang it up in your bathroom. Does it ever make you wonder what's actually in the plastic shower curtain to makes it smell that way? Many shower curtains are made out of vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a plastic that does in fact release harmful chemicals into the air for at least a month and possibly up to a year after you open it and hang it up in your … [Read more...]

The Myth About Garbage

The Myth About Garbage at

Today I'm over at Life Your Way talking about a super exciting topic: Garbage.  Okay, well obviously, it's really not that exciting, but I do think it's an important topic to talk about and think about. Our country produces A LOT of waste everyday, and most of that waste ends up in the landfill. And I think a lot of people believe the myth that garbage decomposes in the landfill, but that's not actually true. From the post: What really happens to garbage in the landfill? A few years ago I … [Read more...]

Because of your words…

"That is your role, your gift." at

Just a little encouragement that sharing your story with others around you can offer them help and healing. Your story is a gift!  ______________________________________________ Please visit our Sponsors: 5 Simple Ingredients - doTERRA Essential Oils … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story? Giving Hope and Healing through the Gift of Story

What's Your Story? Providing Hope and Healing Through the Gift of Story at

As we think about what it means to see other people in light of their stories - their unique situations and experiences and circumstances - it's also important to take hold of our own stories, and how our stories can impact others in the world around us. Just like we can't know the stories of people around us that we come into contact with unless we take the time to ask them and to listen, others around us can't know our stories or where we are coming from unless we share it with them. I … [Read more...]

I’m Wrecked: What I’m Into in February

What I'm Into: A Monthly Series at

So y'all, I want more than anything to just pour you a cup of coffee with my homemade vanilla creamer, and cozy up on my couch, with toys scattered around on my floor and dirty dishes in my sink and just chat like friends, like sisters, because that's what we are in Christ. I'm an extrovert, so talking is how I process my thoughts and feelings, how I organize things in my mind before I can truly know what I think and believe. Talking is usually what I do before I sit and write the words on … [Read more...]