Chocolate Peanut Butter “Ice Cream”

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter "Ice Cream" A Perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth! at

By Rachel Line (my sister!) Yesterday I was super hungry when my son got up from his nap. He usually has a snack, and I decided to join him. But what should we have? I saw the bananas laying on our counter and I thought of the piles of frozen bananas in my freezer. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana "Ice Cream"... perfect! I've been making this special treat for several years now, and I love it for so many reasons. It satisfies my sweet tooth without all the unnecessary ingredients of … [Read more...]

An Intentional Summer Plan and Routine for Kids

Summer break is right around the corner. Here's how we're creating an intentional summer plan and routine to help teach our kids responsibility and to make time for the things we enjoy most. An Intentional Summer Plan for Kids at

Summer break is right around the corner! While I'm completely looking forward to not sending my kids out the door to school every morning and not spending hours each day in the car driving for carpool, I also get a little squirmy thinking about all of us at home together all day, every day. The fighting, the whining, the sibling rivalry, the messes. Oh, the mess of having three kiddos at home all day. Shudder. But then there's also the great stuff too. The beach, the pool, the backyard … [Read more...]

On Creating a Home I Love

Do you feel discouraged with the way your home looks? Or lack confidence in your ability to decorate and style your home? There's hope for you! On creating a home I love at

When I was a child, one of my favorite things was looking at home magazines. I loved looking at the tastefully decorated rooms, noticing the details of each piece in the room and the way they fit together to create a gorgeous and inviting space. "When I grow up", I thought, "I want my home to look like that." And then I grew up, got married, and we moved into our first apartment. We made it our own by painting the walls shades of blue in the living room and dining room and green in our … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Natural Laundry Boosters

Looking for cleaner brighter laundry without the harsh chemicals found in conventional laundry products? Here are the 5 Best Natural Laundry Boosters at

There are two things that are just about certain in my life everyday: dirty dishes and dirty laundry. And sometimes I'm not sure which are dirtier - the dishes or the laundry. With my kids, it often seems like what should have been left over on the dishes ends up all over their clothes. My littles are super hard on their clothes. I used to spray each individual item with stain spray to make sure everything would come out of the laundry clean and stain-free. It was annoying and time … [Read more...]

7 Things That are Saving My Life Right Now…

7 Things that are saving my life right now... at

I stumbled across this post at Modern Mrs. Darcy a month or so ago. I love the idea of keeping a list of things that are saving our lives and giving us life, especially in the midst of heartache, brokenness, grief or painful seasons. So as I emerge from April and walk through the season of grief of the anniversary of my dad's death, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on the things that are saving my life right now. Some of these were intentional steps I took in anticipation of going … [Read more...]

When you realize you are a part of the problem…

When you realize you a part of the problem... at

I'm not completely sure when the shift began. The opening of my mind and heart to the truths of another's experience has been a long process. I'm sure the seeds we're planted when I began reading books that presented a different view of the Gospel than the one I had grown up understanding. I know my heart became softer when I stopped watching the news channel that rhymes with "box" and stopped listening to talk radio. A softer heart meant fertile soil for those seeds to sprout. I know it … [Read more...]

It’s been one of those days…

It's been one of those days, you know the ones... at

It's been one of those days. You know the ones... I'm exhausted, and not completely sure why. I made it to the gym this morning to work out with my friend, but now it's 4:30 and I've done nothing else productive. My kids had juice boxes, squeezable yogurts, popcorn, and bananas for lunch. I fell asleep while putting my littlest down for nap and woke up feeling more exhausted than when I laid down with her. I've been lying on the couch scrolling through Instagram for … [Read more...]

Do you think I’m a Homemaking Ninja?

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

If you've been around here at Live Renewed for more than a few weeks, you probably know that I have some pretty popular posts on homemaking. I've talked about completely clearing off my kitchen counters, how I conquered my laundry pile, the chores I (try) to do every day to keep my house under control, a 31 day series on natural and homemade cleaning, the best way to fold and organize your kids clothes, and more... Whew! From looking at that list, you would probably think I'm some kind of … [Read more...]

On Grief and Grace (or Why I Hate April)

Sunrise in the rearview mirror - On Grief and Grace at

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise - Victor Hugo Life has been full and busy around here for the past few weeks, and my mind occupied with projects and deadlines and activities for the kids. Finally, at the end of last week I felt like I could come up for air. Except when I took a deep breath, it wasn't a breath of fresh air. It was heavy and filled with dread. April and Easter are right around the corner, and I hate April. This is strange, I know, because most people … [Read more...]

Encouraging Your Kids to Love Reading

Do you have a child who is ready to dive into reading chapter books? Check out these ideas for encouraging your kids to love reading at

The UPS truck pulled up in front of our house and my daughter could not contain her excitement, she had been waiting all week for her new Kindle to arrive. Every day she'd run into the house after school and ask, expectantly, "Is it here yet?!" And every day when I answered, "No, not yet," her face would fall and she look up at me with sad eyes. So on this day when the UPS delivery man jumped out of his truck with a small brown box, she was so ready. But then he went up to our neighbor's … [Read more...]