7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed when you look at the mess around your house and don't know where to start? Choose one of these 7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean and get started right now! at LiveRenewed.com

I often find it a little bit ironic that some of the most popular posts here at Live Renewed are posts about cleaning. I don't know if I'm the best person to offer cleaning advice because it's something I struggle with myself! I wrote those posts as encouragement and motivation as much for myself as I did for you! But, there's something about these posts that have really resonated with a lot of people; maybe because you don't like cleaning either and have a hard time keeping up with your … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Fold and Organize Your Kids’ Clothes!

The Best Way to fold and organize your kids' clothes! at LiveRenewed.com

Let me just start off this post by saying that I am NOT a naturally organized person or a naturally good housekeeper. You know those women whose homes seem to always be clean and in order, even when you stop by unannounced? Yeah, I am definitely not one of them! Because keeping a clean and organized home doesn't come naturally to me, but I wish it did, I have read A LOT of books on organizing, decluttering, and cleaning. Over the years, through a lot of trial and error and with many relapses … [Read more...]

Dear People Who Want Me To Vaccinate My Child

Dear People Who Want Me to Vaccinate My Child: An Open Letter from LiveRenewed.com

Dear Government officials, Pro-Vax parents, and Media pundits who want me to vaccinate my child, Here I am again, drawn into this issue that I said I would never talk about because this whole discussion, debate, argument, whatever it is, makes me absolutely crazy. I'm hearing loud and clear right now that you want me to vaccinate my child. I get that you're passionate about it and you're just trying to get your message across. I think you fail to understand, however, that I'm actually … [Read more...]

From Death to New Life: On Observing Lent for the First Time

Death & New Life: On Observing Lent for the First Time at LiveRenewed.com

I was raised in a Wesleyan church and for me Lent was something the Catholic kids at school did when they'd give up chocolate or pop and wouldn't eat meat on Friday. I didn't really know what Lent was, but I thought it was more about following some outdated religious symbolism then a spiritual practice that would actually deepen my relationship with Jesus. My dad passed away on April 21, 2012. Just two weeks after our family had all been together to celebrate Easter. And as anyone who has … [Read more...]

All Natural Energy-Boosting Drink

Do you drag in the afternoons and sometimes reach for an extra cup of coffee or soda? Kick the afternoon caffeine habit today with this detoxing, natural energy-boosting drink! from LiveRenewed.com

I stumbled across the idea of an Apple Cider Vinegar and water drink a few years ago and was intrigued. I had heard a lot about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) but was unsure about actually drinking it. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it. I found a simple recipe and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, but it was the way I felt after drinking it that really got me hooked! It's a natural energy-boosting drink!  While there are definitely lots of good reasons to to drink ACV … [Read more...]

Just Another Day in My Extraordinary Ordinary Life

I'm sharing photos from a regular day in my regular life. My days are not anything special or amazing, but I live an extraordinary ordinary life. Come peek at a day in my life and find out why! at LiveRenewed.com

I really love the idea of the Day in the Life posts. I like taking a typical day and chronicling it in words and pictures. The problem becomes that my life and mind and hands are so full most days that I often forget to stop and take pictures every hour and write down what I've been doing! I decided to chronicle my day on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. It was supposed to be a typical day with my kiddos, but it didn't turn out quite the way I expected. Here's a peek into a day of my extraordinary … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Green Your Bedroom

Looking for a non-toxic mattress that is actually affordable? Check out this awesome mattress! at LiveRenewed.com

If I had to guess, I'd bet we all wish we spent a little more time in our bedrooms. Whether relaxing, sleeping, reading, or enjoying our spouses, more time in the bedroom is pretty much always a good thing. We need to think about more than just increasing the quantity of time we spend in our bedrooms, by also looking at the quality of our time. So, it's important to make sure our rooms are as safe and non-toxic as possible. Here are five ways to green your bedroom, including our absolute … [Read more...]

DIY Kitchen Storage Boxes

DIY Kitchen Storage Boxes at LiveRenewed.com

*This is a guest post by my husband, Jeremy, who loves woodworking and builds us beautiful and functional stuff for our home. Because so many people commented asking about our kitchen storage boxes, I'm so thankful he took the time to put together this DIY tutorial for you! This post contains affiliate links. By Jeremy McClements I have wanted to join the fray and add a DIY post here for a while now. I love building and creating projects for our family. I take ideas I find other places and … [Read more...]

5 Books to Read in 2015!

5 Books to Read in 2015 from LiveRenewed.com

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. One of my personal goals for the New Year is to continue reading as much as I can and listening to audiobooks whenever I can. I have loved reading since I was a young girl, but haven't made as much time for it in the past few years as I would have liked. During my blogging break, I read and listened to some fabulous books that had a huge impact on my life and expanded my mind and heart. I love that about books! Such a simple, but profound, way to … [Read more...]

How I’m Kicking Off 2015: My 5 Personal Quarterly Goals

How I'm Kicking Off 2015: My 5 Personal Quarterly Goals at LiveRenewed.com

Okay, yes I realize we are already a week into 2015, and I'm finally getting around to posting after my almost 6 month blogging break. (Yikes! Was it really that long?!) Oh, it it so good to be back! I have so much to talk to ya'll about! First of all, how are your New Year's goals and resolutions going so far? You know, I used to think that I HAD to have all of my goals and resolutions set by January 1st and if I didn't then I had already missed the boat. I thought that if I didn't start … [Read more...]