10 Healthy Pregnancy Items I Can’t Live Without!

After 4 pregnancies I've settled on my must have pregnancy items that help me to have a natural and healthy pregnancy. Here are my 10 natural pregnancy essentials and tips!

  It's still a little hard for me to believe, except for my hugely bulging belly, but I'm 31 weeks pregnant and in the final countdown to sweet baby boy's arrival! If there's one thing I've learned through this fourth and surprise pregnancy, it's that you can never be fully prepared for all of the side-effects and symptoms of pregnancy that you will experience. As you strive to have the healthiest pregnancy that you can, some of your symptoms will be the same as previous … [Read more...]

25 Inspiring Date Night Questions (Written by my Husband!)

Ready for date night? Inspire conversation and have fun with these 25 date night questions, written by a husband, they're perfect for married couples!

Ready for date night? Inspire conversation and have fun with these 25 date night questions, written by a husband, they're perfect for married couples!  My husband and I went on a date night a few weeks ago, and he brought out this list of questions he had put together to inspire our conversation. I thought it was one of the sweetest and most romantic things he could have done to make our date an intentional and fun time. We took turns randomly picking a number between one and … [Read more...]

A Summer Self Care Plan for Moms

Summer can mean long days at home with our kids, which means we mamas are in need of some self care to get us through! Create a plan with these ideas, tips, and activities for summer self care for moms!

Prepare yourself with a summer self care plan! Take steps to fill up your cup and enjoy your days with your kids this summer! My kids are done with school in just over a week, and I know some school's summer breaks have started already! While I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in and lazy mornings, not having to wake my kids up every morning and get them out the door, I also realize it's going to be an adjustment for all of us to be home together all day. Every day. So, I've … [Read more...]

14 Inspiring Green Living Books to Read!

Looking for great information and inspiration for going green? Check out these 14 Inspiring Green Living Books to Read!

Looking for great information and inspiration for going green? Check out these 14 Inspiring Green Living Books to Read! Reading is one of my very favorite pastimes. I love to get lost in the characters of a novel, or explore new topics and learn new things from non-fiction books. Lately, most of my reading is done in the form of listening to audiobooks on Audible, but I also love discovering new books at the library and reading on my Kindle too. When I was just starting out on my green … [Read more...]

How to Ditch Synthetic Fragrances (and why you should)

Do you know what's lurking in all those scented products around your home? How to Ditch Synthetic Fragrances, and why you should!

The air fresheners and fragrances we use can cause the air inside our homes to be more polluted than the outside air! Ditch synthetic fragrances today and replace them with green, safe, and affordable alternatives! It's hard to imagine living in a world without fragrances. They are an ever present part of our lives, found in so many products that we expose ourselves and our families to every day. Or maybe our families are exposed to these fragrances without actually choosing to be. I … [Read more...]

5 Strategies for Coping with a Surprise Pregnancy

Find yourself unexpectedly expecting a baby? It can be an stressful and anxious experience. But you can take care of yourself and process your feelings using these 5 Strategies for Coping with a Surprise Pregnancy.

Unexpectedly expecting a baby? You can take care of yourself and process your feelings using these strategies for coping with a surprise pregnancy. I don't know about you, but I am not really a happy pregnant person. When I found out in early December that I was unexpectedly expecting our fourth child I wasn't super thrilled about it, because me and pregnancy just don't mix very well. And while sometimes I just want to curl up on the couch and have a nine month long pity party, I know … [Read more...]

Simple Changes Can Lead to a Greener, Happier Life

Did you know that adopting simple, renewable lifestyle behaviors can actually make us happier while also saving the earth's resources? Simple Changes Can Lead to a Greener, Happier Life!

From the beginning of my green and natural living journey, I have always believed that making small changes to my lifestyle would have a big impact on my home and family, and also on the world around me. And that those small changes would add up to greater overall lifestyle change over time. Then, the small steps I took would add together with the small steps I was encouraging other people and families to take, and together we could change the world. While that might seem like a lofty goal, I … [Read more...]

4 Easy Steps to a More Natural Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time to make healthier lifestyle choices. To help you get started, try these simple steps to a natural pregnancy.

My own journey toward more green and natural living began when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, and I think this is true for many women. When you're expecting a baby, you become more aware of the kind of lifestyle you are living. You think about how the choices you are making will effect your new baby, as well as how the environment around you will affect your baby both in utero and after she is born. You may be considering, for the first time, how to make green and natural … [Read more...]

12 Ways to Make Your Day Better When You’re Feeling Down

Are you having one of those days where you feel unmotivated? Try these simple ways to make your day better and boost your mood when you're having a bad day.

Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to sit on the couch and watch Parenthood all day? (If you do, make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy!) Or sit on social media and read articles, look at pictures, discover beautiful things on Pinterest, and waste your day watching other people live their lives? Or maybe you have those days where you just feel blah and unmotivated. It's February in Indiana and the sun is not shining much these days. It's really easy for me to get into a … [Read more...]

On Marriage as Mutual Submission

Sharing our experience of marriage as mutual submission. How our shift toward becoming equal partners has been essential in helping to heal and restore our marriage.

After my post last fall about the lessons we've learned in 12 years of marriage, a reader asked if I would expand on my thoughts about being equal partners in marriage. I must admit that I am a little nervous about this post, because I realize people on both sides of the issue hold strong ideas and opinions. And I don't pretend to be an expert or have all of the answers. No two marriages are the same and there is no one perfect formula for a happy and fulfilling marriage. However, I truly … [Read more...]