I love fresh flowers. We have had fresh flowers around the house for open houses and showings since we put our house on the market. We had a showing this past weekend, and Jer picked up some flowers and they absolutely brightened up my week while it has been cold and snowy and gross out. Here are a few pics (and my feeble attempts at being a little bit artsy) – I hope they brighten your day too.

Here are some tulips that Jer got and here is a little tip you probably don’t know. The florist shared with him that if you put a penny, just one, in the bottom of the vase that it will make the tulips stand up straight instead of bending over like this. Here are the tulips the first night when we put them in the vase.
And here they are the next morning – standing up nice and straight. And a week later, they are open and beautiful and still standing up straight.



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