A little while ago I wrote about buying things pre-owned, or used, and how it saves both monetary resources and earthly resources and helps to reduce waste. Even better than buying things pre-owned is getting them for FREE!!!

Hand-me-downs, especially for children’s clothing, are such a great thing! They are a way for the person giving the hand-me-downs to bless someone else, and they allow the receiver to not have to spend money buying used or new items.

In preparation for our baby boy (who is due to arrive any day!) we basically needed a whole new wardrobe. Not many babies clothes are gender neutral these days, so most of the clothes we had for Kaelyn would not work for a boy. Thanks to some AMAZINGLY generous friends of ours we are set for clothes for this little boy. They passed along the clothes to us that they had for their little boys who are 4 and 1. I now have a closet full of gently used baby boy’s clothes and two more boxes of clothes for him to grow into. If it were not for these hand-me-downs that we received we would have had to spend a lot of time and money finding clothes for him, even if we were to buy most of his clothing used. Here is a picture of his fully stocked closet, just waiting for him to arrive.

We also recently received some great hand-me-downs from Kaelyn’s cousins. They are mostly a size up from what she wears now, but it is so great to know that we have some clothes for K to grow into and that we don’t have to worry about buying much for the next size/season.
Here’s K showing off her “new” clothes.
So whether you are the giver or the receiver of hand-me-downs, they are such a blessing. If you have clothes that you are not using anymore, or won’t be using for a while, I urge you to seriously consider passing them along to someone who would appreciate and use them. If you are the blessed recipient of hand-me-downs be thankful for the opportunity to save both money and the planet’s resources. And take good care of them, so you can pass them along and bless someone else!

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