Homemade and Green Cleaning – Link Love

As we draw towards the end of January, (where does the time go?) I wanted to pass along some great links I have come across on the topic of homemade and green cleaning.  If there are still areas that you would like to work on in becoming more green in your cleaning and using more homemade cleaners, check out these links for ideas and inspiration!

How to Create a Paperless Kitchen at Simple Mom

If you’re a step beyond me and are considering using cloth in the bathroom, this is a great how-to post – Cloth Toilet Paper (yes! people do this, I was shocked when I first heard about it too!)

Cleaning with Microfiber Cloths at Kitchen Stewardship 

Health, Home and Happiness shares some good, basic information about essential oils, which is something that’s on my list to try out for cleaning and around the house in general. 

Passionate Homemaking hosted a Natural Housecleaning Carnival back in September – find more tips and links for homemade, green and frugal cleaning.

If you have any great links on homemade and green cleaning from your blog or another blog,  please share them in the comments!

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