Meal Plan Monday, and an End of Season Sale!


Okay, so honestly, I have been so lazy with my meals planning lately.  I don’t know if it’s because we’re just busy, but when you’re busy it’s even more important to plan meals.

Or, if it’s because we’re trying to be as tight with the grocery budget as possible, and I’m trying to just make simple meals from what we already have in the pantry, except that’s another reason it’s important to meal plan.  So, I guess it’s just because I’ve been lazy. :)

Time to give myself a little kick in the pants!

We’re still trying to do simple and quick meals, with lots of crock pot meals, using what we already have on hand, and because, like I said, life is full and busy right now. Not complaining… just saying that I’ve learned I shouldn’t try to cook elaborate or new-to-us meals that are too complicated, in this season of life.

I’ve thought about doing a monthly, or maybe two-week, meal plan where I just rotate the same meals, but that seems a little mundane to me.  But, we’ve been eating a lot of the same meals over and over anyway, so it might not actually be that bad.  I’ll think about that more this week and see what I can come up with. Anyway…

Here’s this week’s menu:

Meatless MondayGarlic Herb Pasta with Spaghetti Squash (from a  few weeks ago)

Tuesday – dinner with our home group – making Crockpot Southwestern Beans and rice

WednesdaySlow Cooker Beef Roast with mashed potatoes (also from a few weeks ago, can you tell even when I have been meal planning, I haven’t followed it well!)

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner

Friday Slow Cooker Pulled Pork sandwiches

SaturdayHomemade Pizza

SundayRoasted Chicken, Buttery Bread Machine Rolls, roasted squash

And a couple of things to note:

Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods: Family Camping Handbook

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We are not big campers, in fact, I think I’ve only been camping like once in my life, but, my hubs enjoys it and I do think it would be something really fun and memory-making to do with the kids.  I am planning to pick up my own copy of the book tomorrow for us to use next summer.

Head over to Kitchen Stewardship to pick up your own copy of the Family Camping Handbook for only $2.50 on Monday, using the code ENDOFSEASON!

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And, for more great meal plans visit Organizing Junkie

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Kitchen Stewardship and will receive a small commission from purchases made through my links.  Thanks for supporting Live Renewed!

Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods: Family Camping Handbook


  1. Kate Blakely says

    My mom used to always do meal plans and would just rotate a monthly one with little changes one or two days. It never seemed mundane and I never really realized it was the same month of meals until she told me so years later. Give it a try, it may make life easier for a little while

  2. Nicola says

    I can’t remember where I read this tip but it suggested that at the beginning of spring/summer & autumn/winter, you write a list of around 21 meals that your family likes & rotate those for your meal plans. 21 sounds like a huge number but it is easier than you think, I managed to come up with mine quite quickly. This really works, it makes life easy because you have a list in front of you & we have yet to get bored of our 22 meals.


  3. says

    Hello, I found your link from Organized Junkie’s site…I like your blog! :) I, too,admit that I often plan a week of menus, and don’t get around to making some of them, so they appear on my menu for several weeks in a row! :) Have a great week! :)


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