Going Green vs. Buying Green

Photo by Me.blogger

I’m over at Green…Your Way today sharing why I think it’s more important to “Go Green” than to Buy “Green”.  From the post:

But, to me, going green is really about so much more than just buying “green” stuff.  It is more about lifestyle change than it is about consuming stuff.

I mean, I already have a house full of stuff.  And just because some of my stuff isn’t necessarily green, doesn’t mean that it’s not safe, or that I should just run out and purchase all new “green” stuff, and dispose of my old “bad” stuff.  That kind of defeats the purpose.

Since we’ve been talking about our stuff and conscious consuming here at Live Renewed this month, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!  Head over to Green…Your Way to read the rest of the post and leave a comment there, since I’ve closed the comments here.

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