Simple Steps – Declutter Around Your House

I will be the first to admit that I am not a very organized person.

I’m just not naturally gifted that way. I have to work very hard at being a home manager by setting up a routine and schedule, making a meal plan, and cleaning routine, because if I don’t…. well let’s just say it’s not pretty! (And even when I am working hard at it, it’s still often not very pretty!)

As you know if you’ve been following along here, I’ve been working on Project Simplify this past month, and it has felt so great to get some major areas of my home decluttered, organized, and generally cleaned up.

So good, in fact, that I want to continue with the decluttering and organizing this month as well.

We all have too much stuff!

Don’t we? Somehow it just creeps into our lives, even when we think we’re trying to be proactive about it and discerning about what stuff we bring into our homes.

The problem with stuff is that too often, we don’t consume our stuff, but instead our stuff consumes us.

We have to clean, and organize, and take care of our stuff.  We need space to store our stuff.  Sometime we even need more stuff, just to manage our stuff!  And the less stuff we have, the more we can focus on the stuff that really important to us, like our relationships and our dreams and goals.

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I don’t know what it is about spring, but something about the fresh air, the sunshine and the warming temperatures (if you have those in your area, could you send them our way please?) just makes me what to clean out my stuff.

And have a garage sale too, of course (I am so excited for garage sale season!)

So this month’s Simple Step is: Declutter Around Your House.

This is going to look different for everyone. Some of us don’t have much to declutter.  I, ahem, am not ones of those people.  And even after all that I have put in our giveaway/garage sale pile due to Project Simplify, I know I still have lots more to get rid of.

I issued the challenge on Friday, and I really hope you guys will join in with me – to get rid of 100 items from your house in April.

If that seems like too much, then definitely just start with decluttering a space that is a ‘hot spot’ for you.  Somewhere that the stuff has piled up, the clutter has overtaken it, and it’s driving you crazy!

So pick a goal – whether it’s to get rid of 100 things this month, or to declutter a specific space – and let’s tackle our decluttering and organizing together this month!

As I mentioned, I am not a great organizer, so I will point you to some other great organizing posts to help you move toward decluttering around your house this month!

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And all of those blogs have tons more information on decluttering and organizing if you just browse around!

So, what are you planning to declutter?  100 Items?  Or a specific space?


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  1. says

    I can sooooo relate to your first sentences! I’m the same, keeping some sort of organisation and control in my house is a daily battle. I love your idea of keeping up with the decluttering, I’ll join if I don’t get involved in another project (that I blogged about yesterday, if you’re interested: it’s a giveaway).

  2. Lori says

    I am going to try the challenge to get rid of 100 things in April. I’m starting today. I’m getting a box out when I’m done typing and starting right away. I was just putting away my dishes and thinking “boy I have a lot of stuff”. You inspired me today. Thank you.

  3. says

    I wish this had started before I did a massive overhaul of my guest bedroom! 100 items just seems like soooooo many! Even though I just moved into this house less than a year ago, I’m sure there are 100 things in here that I could do with out. I’m going to try to do 100 things, but…. well, I have commitment issues. 😉

  4. TLE says

    I have just about given up on decluttering a specific space (for now!). Clearing stuff is no big deal (at least not for me) but maintaining it is the BIG hurdle for me ;(

    I should be halfway in clearing 100 things as we are in the midst of relocating. But cant help wondering how to quantify 100- i mean a bag of books counts 1 item or according to the number of books given away???

    Each time I gave away a bag of items- over 10 soft toys, more than 20 books and such or furniture, I feel lighter. But when i continue with the purging, I get so overwhelmed about the remaining stuff. Many a times it seems like that the more I give, the more I have!!! esp with books! i guess declutters makes you more aware of how much has been collected/ hoarded over the years without realising! ;o


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