Where Are You Spring? Decluttering 100 Items in April

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I cannot believe that it is April 1st! The past month has flown by, but we’ve also been having unseasonably cold weather here – like in the high 30’s and low 40’s – that makes it not really quite feel like spring yet.  Blah!  The sun is shining most days though, so I really cannot complain about that!

I’m continuing to work hard on the Project Simplify Hot Spots, this week it is the pantry and refrigerator, but for some reason today when I started cleaning out my pantry I decided that I should reorganize almost all of my kitchen cabinets.

Spring cleaning my kitchen was great (I still have a little more to do), but I knew that my cabinets really needed to be cleaned and organized too. Nothing like biting off more than I can chew! Needless to say, you really don’t want to see my kitchen right now, but it’s going to be great when it’s done – right?!

With all the cleaning out and organizing I’ve been doing, I am continuing to realize that we just have too much stuffThe biggest problem with stuff is that you have to clean, and pick up, and manage all of your stuff – and it can just get to be too overwhelming – at least for me.

Even though next week is the last week for Project Simplify, I am inspired to continue the decluttering and cleaning out, along with the fact that I’m planning a garage sale with some friends for the end of May so I want to get stuff out of my house and maybe make a little extra money in the process too.

The 100 Item Challenge

I have decided that I want to get rid of (or put in the garage sale pile) 100 items during the month of April. That’s approximately 3.3 items per day.  Some days it might be more than that, and some days I might not have time to get rid of anything. It will all balance out over the course of the month though, and hopefully by the end of April our family will be 100 items lighter!

I’m hoping that some of you, my wonderful readers, will join in this challenge with me.  It will be encouraging and inspiring to know that others are on a similar journey of decluttering and simplifying their stuff.

I’m thinking that my Facebook page will be a great place for us to post pictures of what we’re getting rid of, share how it’s going, and keep each other accountable.  And if you haven’t “Liked” me over there yet, now would be a great time!

So whaddya think?  Will you join me in decluttering 100 items in April?


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    I will join you in de-cluttering 100 items in April! Our neighborhood Garage Sale is scheduled for April 29 and 30! So, this will be perfect for me. I already have way over 100 items set aside, but I am determined to find 100 more. :)

  2. says

    Why does that always happen? You start cleaning out one cupboard and it spreads to the entire kitchen!?

    I like the idea of clearing out 100 things. We have been getting rid of so much the past few months I wonder if I still have 100 things to purge…but I know I do. I love this!


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