June/July Garden Update

I kept meaning to post a garden update in June, as things were starting to really grow and get going, and somehow it just didn’t happen.  So, I’ll share some pictures of then and now, and how my garden is growing.  It’s finally looking like a real garden and not just like a bunch of empty boxes.  We’ve already been enjoying lots of salads from our lettuce.

The sugar snap peas are growing so tall, but I’m kind of confused because they are not really climbing the trellis.  A couple weeks ago I tied the stems to the trellis with twine because they were all falling over and not attaching to the trellis at all, and now they are tall and strong, but still not attached to the trellis.  I guess we’ll have to try a different trellis set up next year. We have some flowers on the peas, and I can’t wait to eat them fresh off the vine.

We got some tomato plants and a pepper plant from the farmer’s market a few weeks ago and they are already huge! My attempt at growing peppers last year really did not go so well, so hopefully this year will be better. It’s already growing tall and has the beginning of little buds, you can’t really see it though behind the tomatoes!  I have a few little green tomatoes too, and I can’t wait to have fresh tomatoes and basil to put in pasta salad!

And at the back of that box is a butternut squash plant that I’m a little worried is going to be too big for that space. Do I need to have something for it to climb on? I’m having the same issue with my zuchinni plants too, as you can see below.

I got my zucchini and carrot seeds in a little late, but better late than never right! And they are doing really well.  After getting off to a slow start, my herbs: oregano, basil, and cilantro, are finally taking off as you can see in the front of the bed.  Yumo!

My strawberries are doing really well and sending out lots runners and multiplying!  Can’t wait for strawberry season next year!

Also, my daughter wanted to have her own box to garden, so we planted a bunch of flower seeds a few weekend ago.  Not as many seedlings came up as I expected, but I’m hoping to transplant some of the flowers to our other flower beds and then maybe use some for fresh cut flowers inside.  I’m happy that she wanted to do some gardening with me, and excited to see the flowers grow!

And then I have one lonely little box with a row of carrots and another butternut squash.  And I still have three more boxes that don’t have anything in them yet – pumpkins maybe?

My hubs built a cute little fence around the front of the garden – for looks and not really for function (and please excuse the grass, or lack there of – it’s a work in progress). And I’m trying to figure out how to fight major weeds under my mulch.  I think I’m going to round up some newspaper and cardboard and try out Andrea from The Greenbacks Gal solution for organically killing weeds.

This is the view when I open my front door every day – I love it!

So, that’s my garden.  How is your garden growing?


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  1. says

    Wow! Amazing progress in just under a month! My gardening adventure last year did not go so well and we scaled back to just potatoes, lettuce & carrots this year because we should hopefully have our house on the market soon & I didn’t want to leave my hard-earned veggies behind 😉
    Good luck with your cute garden (and the grass-we don’t have any either)

  2. Juliana says

    oh.. I love gardening in our backyard especially planting flower.. I like you photos.. I’m glad that your taking picture of your garden month by month..

  3. Jennifer R. says

    this is awesome! I’ve got just one raised bed this year — with plans to add more. Have you read the book “Edible Estates”? It’s all about making your front yard edible — get rid of the grass. now I’m reading Gaia’s Garden — it’s all about permaculture. Would love everything in my yard to be maintenance free (more like nature) and provide food for my family. I also love that your daughter planted her own seeds — great idea! thanks!


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