Your Green Resource — Week 26

Are you having as amazing weather where you live as we are here?  I mean, 85 degrees in March?! I can’t complain, especially because last year we had a super cold and rainy, basically non-existent, spring.  But, the crazy weather does make me ponder what we are doing to our planet, and I’m thankful that each week we can all share our ideas for going a little greener, and being kind to the environment, in our own small ways.

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In addition to making this a weekly place where you can both share and learn new green ideas, each week we’ll be Pinning our favorite post to the Your Green Resource board! We want your green posts to get as much exposure as possible – so we’ll pin the post for you!

This week’s featured post is:

5 Natural Hair Recipes from Natural Mothers Network — I always love finding new homemade beauty recipes and these look so great, and easy!

Now it’s your turn! Link up your green posts, old or new, on any of the following topics:

  • Real Food Recipes
  • Repurposed Projects
  • Upcycled Projects
  • Organic Gardening Tips
  • DIY Natural or Green
  • Thrifty Solutions

*Please make sure to link to the post with your green/natural living idea, not your homepage. Also, to spread the word about Your Green Resource to your readers, please make sure to include a link back to one of the four hostesses for this weekly link-up!

As always, I’m excited to see what you have to share this week!


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  1. ShirlleyFai says

    Thank you for this awesome post you have shared us here! I am sure a lot of people are interested with this…

  2. Mr Crab says

    I am here today to share one of the ideas that appeared to me while I was sleeping/dreaming. During the dream I saw a car like this and all I know is that I need to spread this idea somehow.
    I don’t care if someone takes this idea and make this a reality, patents it or make tons of money on top of it. This is my FREE gift to humanity and I know this idea/dream will solve the pollution that our vehicles produce and at the same time finish the oil problem/fight/wars.
    So here is the idea:
    Make a car that runs with electricity, this car is auto-sufficient. So there is no GAS involved. The motor is electric and it auto-recharges as you drive.
    Every time you need to recharge your car you take the highway and the movement/rotation of the wheels will generate enough electricity to recharge the car and keep it going. If you drive, let’s say 75mph that will be enough to recharge the battery and keep you going for another week or so… I know there is a lot of technology to make this car a reality but I also know that there is tons of studies around Kinetic energy and its possibilities. The things that will be need to changed on this car from time to time is the everything else that doesn’t involve GAS burning. Inventor, Scientist, Green Society Member – Are you out there? Please use this info as you wish.


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