Introducing the Fitness Challenge {1.7.13}

2013 fitness challenge

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many people are making resolutions or setting goals for losing weight and getting in shape this year. Myself included. Last year I was pregnant with baby #3 when the new year rolled over, and I liked that because I didn’t have to make a goal of losing weight last year, I only had to worry about growing a healthy baby inside my growing body!

But, this year is a different story. Now that Blair is seven months old and I still look a little bit pregnant, can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy jeans, and am still holding on to about 15 lbs of extra baby weight. I’ve decided that I need to make getting back into shape, and losing the rest of the baby weight, more of a priority this year. I definitely am not having as easy of a time taking off the weight they way I did after my second baby was born!

Also, through Positively Real Media, (a great group of Christian natural living bloggers that I’m a part of), I am getting to know Beth Learn and her online fitness program, Fit2B. Through Beth and Fit2B, I am learning about diastasis recti, which is a gap between the abdominal muscles often cause by pregnancy.

I knew that I had a gap that started with my first pregnancy, but I always thought that it would just kind of go back together on it’s own, and didn’t realize that it is actually a pretty serious abdominal injury that can cause other issues, like lower back pain, something that’s always been a problem for me. At the beginning of December, I officially checked myself for a diastasis, and found that I do have about a two finger width, shallow diastasis, so I knew that I needed to make the effort to close the  gap, and heal my abdominal muscles.

Also, my younger sister and I have decided to run a half-marathon together in June. I’ve always enjoyed running, and have run several 5K’s and one 10K, but this will be the farthest that I’ve ever run. My sister is in excellent shape after running the Chicago marathon this fall, so I know I’m going to have to work hard to keep up with her during the half-marathon!

So, for all of these reasons, I’m setting up a Fitness Challenge here on Live Renewed for the next eight weeks, and I really hope that you will join with me! It’s not going to be anything specific, like you have to work out so many times per week, or anything like that. But I just wanted a place where I could share my fitness goals, and a way to help keep myself accountable, and I thought my journey could be an encouragement to others as well.

I’ll be checking in each Monday to let you know how I’m doing with my fitness goals, and to hear how you all are doing with yours. I’ll also post a picture each week, (Yikes!) and hopefully those pictures will show a shrinking belly as I work to heal my diastasis. Over on my Facebook page, I’ll be offering encouragement and check-ins throughout the week, for those of you who want to join in the challenge, so make sure you “Like” Live Renewed over there to follow along.

Fitness Goals

I want my goals to be specific in regards to how often I want to work out, but not in regards to how many pounds or inches I want to lose. I want to set myself up for success in reaching my goals.

Here are my goals for the next eight weeks of the Fitness Challenge:

• Workout 3x per week – hopefully running 2x and a yoga or workout DVD on the other day, weather permitting.

• Be able to run 3 miles, 3x per week, and 4 miles on the weekend by the end of the challenge, beginning of March, to start the half-marathon training schedule.

• Make major progress on healing my diastasis, and lose inches off my waist, by working through the videos on Fit2B six days a week.

• Lose at least 5-10 lbs.

• Fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans by the end of the challenge.

Week One

Each week I’ll be posting my measurements and weight, along with a picture so I can track my progress. This is where it gets REAL!

I figure a photo of me like this can’t really be flattering, so here it goes:

Fitness Challenge: Week One

• Weight: 164 lbs.

• Waist at Belly Button: 39″

Join Me!

I’d love to have you join with me for this fitness challenge! All you have to do is write down your own fitness goals for the next eight weeks and decide on a way to track your progress. Then share your goals with us here in the comments, or blog about them and leave us a link to your blog. We can check in with each other, and encourage one another, throughout the week on Facebook, and share our progress back here every Monday.

I’m excited to see what the next eight weeks will bring as I embark on this Fitness Challenge and can’t wait to hear about your goals and see your progress!

Did you set a goal to get in shape or lose weight this New Year? Will you join in the Fitness Challenge with me? What are your fitness goals and how will your track your progress?


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*Disclosure – I received a 3 month membership to Fit2B to review the program as a part of this fitness challenge, but my opinions are always my own.


  1. Christina says

    Wow, feels good to know there is someone in almost the same boat as me! My baby #3 is 5.5 months and my husband and I decided to lose weight together starting Jan. 1. I started at the same weight as you (weird!) and also need to lose at least 15lbs to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. None of my jeans fit either! And I have the same frowny face about it all. I’m doing a strict “No Junk Food Challenge” I found on Pinterest for the month of Jan (or until I lose the weight) and we’re not doing any white flour. We started the “Insanity” dvds (more frowning) but at least we’re doing it together. Can’t wait to see your progress (and mine) and really can’t wait to open up a whole new (old) wardrobe and feeling of being fit not fat! Blessings.

    • Emily @ Live Renewed says

      Hi Christina! Thanks for sharing your goals. My hubs and I started doing the Insanity DVDs back in September and it was nice to do them together. We got discouraged though when after a month we weren’t really losing any weight. And then the DVDs get longer and harder during the second month, so we just gave up, LOL. I hope it goes well for you, and I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  2. says

    This new year I quit bringing juice in my lunch for work. That will cut about 100 calories. I was drinking orange juice with pulp usually, so it wasn’t just empty calories but had some vitamins…but it was hardly a crucial source of nutrients for me. So far I haven’t felt any hungrier in the afternoons.

    I healed my diastasis by sitting on an exercise ball without touching the floor. It’s fun, and it has improved my core strength so much that I can climb around the playground in ways I could never do before in my life! I now sit on a ball almost all the time I’m working at the computer. It really helps to prevent my back from getting stiff and achey from hours of sitting. I think my posture has improved, too.

    • Emily @ Live Renewed says

      That’s a great idea to sit on a ball while working at the computer ‘Becca! I’m going to have to try that, because I spend way too much time in a chair everyday, and my back definitely feels it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    My fitness goals are: I want to lose 70 lbs and run a marathon. I have an app on my phone that I’m sort of following, I want to get a dog to help me stay motivated (actually I have wanted a dog for a LONG time now–but this seems like the perfect time) .

    I’m writing about my fitness goals on the blog–not as bold as you! I’m also sharing the obstacles I’m having with a 1600 per day calories. I’m taking this research and turning it into a homeschool unit.

    Be Blessed.


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