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This is Day 37 of the Green in 365 series!

Written by Renee Baude, Contributing Writer. Welcome, Renee!

Why is it so hard to be green and frugal on holidays? I go to Target and see all these cute things – they say love, joy, happy – BUY ME! The candy section is brimming with all my favorites, in pink and red, but wait, I still have candy from Halloween! I need a epi-pen from buying cute!

I also need a plan for how to share my love for my family and friends!

Here are a few green and frugal Valentine’s Gift ideas:

For the sweet treat lover:  A box of hot chocolate, chocolate raspberry yogurt, Chobani just came out with some new flavors, or a family dessert. This year I’m going to make a heart shaped ice cream cake and let the kids add their own toppings of hot fudge and strawberries.  The simple things say “I love you.”

frugal and green valentines gift ideas

My original Valentine’s Day card from my husband! And an assortment of chocolate goodness.

For the frugal romantic: Giving the same card. Corny, but my husband and I give each other the same card every year, and enjoy reading and seeing how our loves has grown from, “I love you so much, you are the most important thing to me” to “I love you so much, you are the most important thing to me because I know I can count on you–no matter what!” It shows the evolution of a love affair. (Yes that is my 1st Valentine’s Day card from my husband, before he was my husband.  In the words of my daughter, “I didn’t know paper could live that long.”)

green valentines gifts

For the plant lover:  Instead of cut flowers consider a plant.  A tiny rosemary tree for the dining room table, potted herbs, I love basil and tarragon for salad dressings in the winter, or check this list for the best houseplants. A mint plant is wonderful for making tea, and they even have chocolate mint plants. For the frugal friend you can grow celery or beet greens (but you’ll need to start today)!

more green valentines gifts

For the homemade gift lover: A water bottle cozy made from a felted sweater.  This is super easy to make, just use the arms of the sweater, no sewing – just cutting, for a no frills cozy.  I added a felted flower but you could easily sew on beads, stitch a heart or add ribbon.  This cozy is my version of Holly.

I’m also planning on sending e-cards, saving on paper and postage. A craft for my kids will include making a heart garland with words of gratitude to decorate our home through Easter. I’m looking for natural/green ways to show that we care for each other and the earth . . . not just on February 14th, but all year-long.

How do you show your “green love?”  I would love to hear your ideas.

Be Blessed.

Renee from Joyful MomRenee from Joyful Mom: Renee is a wife, mom of 4, writer, speaker, creative artist, joy-seeker, a student of life and a teacher of universal lessons. She writes about it all at Joyful Mom–in everything give thanks.

All Photos by Renee at Joyful Mom

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    I love that you give the same Valentine’s card every year; how sweet! My husband uses a card I gave him 10 years ago as a bookmark; cracks me up. 😉

    • says

      ok–let me be honest–I use one Christmas card that I LOVE the wording in, and a Father’s Day card . . . you get the idea–when I find a card that has just the perfect wording in it–I keep it! I could spend hours of my life looking for the perfect card . . .

      Be Blessed.

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    Thanks for the ideas! My husband used to buy me a dozen roses. But in the last couple of years I asked him to start buying me David Austin Roses to plant in the garden.

    • says

      My husband started getting his Mother a rose bush on Mother’s Day–I had roses in my wedding bouquet –that was the first color that we gave her. She loves them and thinks of us when they bloom. We bought a potted Christmas tree one year and then planted it outside . . . I may begin doing that again–now that we have moved I have a spot to grow them again.

      Be Blessed.

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