Can Green and Natural Living Change the World?

My family and I have been on a journey toward living a greener and more natural lifestyle for over six years now. In many ways, we still have a long way to go, and many changes still to make along the way.

In other ways, we’ve been doing things that are pretty far outside the mainstream for so long, we hardly realize how different we are anymore.

Why is green and natural living important? Because through it we can make an impact on the world! Can Green and Natural Living Really Change the World? at

We’ve embraced this lifestyle whole-heartedly and I want to inspire, encourage, and teach as many people as I can to embark on a similar journey. In fact, my new ebook Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living is all about helping you move from a conventional, mainstream lifestyle to a more natural and conscious green lifestyle.

But why do I believe that green and natural living is so important? What motivated our family to change from the mainstream and consumerist lifestyle that we were living before?

What keeps us going when we struggle to maintain the changes that we’ve made, or when those around us don’t understand or question the choices we are making? And why am I passionate about sharing this message with others?

It’s a simple idea, really, but yet pretty crazy at the same time.

I believe that green and natural living can change the world.

Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living by Emily of

Wow! That’s a bold idea isn’t it?! But it’s so true, the choices we make have an impact on the world around us – for good or for bad.

There’s a premise in our Western culture that I believe is really wrong and toxic, that is: I do what I want to do, and you do what you want to do – and it shouldn’t matter to anyone because it doesn’t affect anyone else. What I do only affects me.

I believe this way of thinking is so wrong. Our choices do have an effect other people – they do make an impact. Everything we do has a chain reaction often far beyond what we could ever see or understand.

So we’re responsible. We’re responsible for the choices we make, good or bad, positive or negative. And while that can be a hard pill to swallow because we’d like to believe that our choices only effect us and not others around us, it can also be extremely inspiring and motivating.

If the choices I make have an impact, then I want that impact to be for good. I can make choices that have a positive impact on the world and the people around me.

I can create change! I can impact the world!

I really believe that most of us have a desire to live outside of ourselves. To do something meaningful, to make a difference, to have an impact. So often though, we get caught up in our day-to-day activities, the mundane of routine. Our lives with our families are busy and full. When do we have time to change the world?

But the good news is that we can! We can live with intention and make concious choices instead of just choosing the easiest thing bc it’s comfortable or convenient.

By making changes to our lifestyle, our way of doing things, our worldview, we can have an impact!

It’s a grand idea, I know. But I truly hope that you can catch the vision with me.

Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living by Emily McClements of

To start with, you can grab a copy of my ebook Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living where I walk you through making simple changes to your home and lifestyle that can have a big impact.

Plus, as a thank you for purchasing my book, and to give you extra support, encouragement, motivation and community, I’m giving you a free membership to the Green Your Life Challenge I’m running in February, a $14.99 value! 

In just 4 weeks you will:

  • Purge your bathroom cabinet of toxic and harmful personal care products.
  • Choose beauty and personal care products for your family that are safe and effective.
  • Make your own homemade green cleaners.
  • Clean your home with non-toxic cleaners that really work and are safe to use around your family. 
  • Begin making simple and easy changes toward more real food and less processed, conventional foods
  • Use more reuseable products and fewer disposable ones around your home.
  • Work to eliminate and remove toxins all around your home.
  • Determine how you and your family can make an impact on the world around you!

Read more about Green Your Life the ebook and the Green Your Life Challenge here.

Are you ready to begin making changes in your life that will have an impact on the world? Join us today!


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  1. Becky Noviello says

    Looking forward to reading your book for sure. The only thing I would disagree with is about “Western culture.” Only because of my further readings about unregulated production, environmental standards, safety conditions for workers, etc. in many other countries, like China for one. We see it’s not only our side of the world that has issues with hedonism and wanting what we want when we want it now. I understand that much is due largely in part by government control and policy reform and knowledge, or lack thereof, not necessarily the individual’s right to choose eco-friendly vs. the alternative.

    • says

      Hi Becky,
      Yes, that is definitely a good point about other countries around the world. Do you think though, that if we as Western consumers cared more about where our products came from, how they were made, the human and environmental effects of their production, etc, and put our money where our values are, that it could help to affect change in those other countries? I do understand that these issues are large and complex. But it’s that lack of concern for those things that I see in our Western culture, that really bothers me. Because I do think that money talks – and if we voted with our dollars by saying that we didn’t want to see people and the planet exploited because of our choices that it could ultimately effect corporations and even government policies around the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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