She Said, He Said – Why I Love the Green Changes We Have Made

This was us in 2006 — Before kids!

Today is the day of love, and also the day of hubs and my first kiss 11 years ago! (Cheesy, I know, but what can you do?)  So, in honor of that, we thought we'd share another She Said, He Said post with you! I talked last month about how this journey that our family is on toward more natural and simple living is not one that my husband probably would have chosen for us. Although I've been more of the driving force behind the change, he's always been a pretty good sport about it. And if you … [Read more...]

She Said, He Said – Green Goals for The New Year

Em and Jer

You guys, I am so excited to begin this new feature here on Live Renewed! I hope it's something that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing it. Actually, this was all my wonderful hubby's idea. We were talking about ideas for my blog one day and he suggested that maybe we should do a "He said, She said" article featuring our different sides or views on certain topics related to green living. This may come as a surprise to some of you - maybe not those of you who know us in real life … [Read more...]