Building a Wardrobe that Works for You: Purging {Green in 365: Bedroom}

Building a Wardrobe that Works: Purging - Green in 365 at

  This is Day 135 of the Green in 365 series! Now that we've thought about our obstacles to building a better wardrobe, the next thing we need to do is purge the clothing that no longer fits or flatters us. Right now is a great time of year to get rid of the old, outdated, and unflattering clothes in your closet to make better use of the items you love, make room for some new, fresh pieces, and create a closet of clothes that actually work for you!  Take some time in the … [Read more...]

Green in 365: Green Cleaning in the Living Room

green clean living room

  This is Day 30 of the Green in 365 series! We're almost finished with going green in our living rooms, there's just one thing left to do. Clean them. And of course, we want to use safe and non-toxic cleaners that are also effective. We've talked a lot about green cleaning in the past, and you can read those posts for even more information, but here are some simple ideas for green cleaning in the living room . Dust - Dust is one of the main issues in a living area, on our … [Read more...]

Green in 365: The Entryway – Green Clean and Organize

Green in 365 series

This is Day 9 of the Green in 365 series! Now that we've greened our entryway, the final thing to do is to make sure it's clean and organized. And of course, we don't want to use toxic, chemical filled cleaners, but we do want our home to look clean and smell fresh as guests enter. Be sure to avoid toxic plug-in air fresheners, and instead use these tips to green clean and organize your entryway: • Use a vinegar and water solution to clean as the vinegar will help to neutralize any o … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Slow Down and Enjoy

Simplify the Season series

This is Week 6 of the Simplify the Season series. Well Christmas is just one week away, and one of the ways that I've decided to Simplify my Season is to take a blogging break for the last two weeks of the year. I'll still be posting over the next few weeks, but I've worked ahead and scheduled my posts so that I can spend time away from the computer. I also know that this is a season when many people step away from their computers to spend time with their family and enjoying their … [Read more...]

21 Ways to Green Your Christmas Celebrations

21 Ways to Green Your Christmas Celebrations This Year! at

It's the most wonderful time of the year. But, it's also the time of year when we consume more stuff, and produce more waste, than the rest of the year combined. What if this year we made a conscious effort to be more intentional with our celebrations to reduce our consumption and our waste, to simplify our celebrations, and to enjoy the most important things, which aren't really things at all? Here are 21 ways that you can simplify and green your Christmas celebrations this … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Benefits of Giving Fewer Gifts

Simplify the Season series

This is Week 5 of the Simplify the Season series. We've talked about celebrating Jesus this Christmas, and make memories with our families, both as ways to simplify this season and move away from gift giving as the main way that we celebrate, and main source of our stress, during Christmas. Besides just reducing the amount of stress that we feel about gift giving, what if there were actually benefits to giving fewer gifts for Christmas this year? Here are a few benefits of giving fewer … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Making Memories

Simplify the Season series

This is Week 4 of the Simplify the Season series. What are your fondest memories of Christmas when you were growing up? Is it stomping through a snow covered tree farm to find the perfect Christmas Tree? How about putting up the Tree and decorations with your family? Maybe it's the traditional breakfast or meal that you had on Christmas Day? Or the candle lighting service at your church on Christmas Eve? Do you remember the gifts you got for Christmas when you were younger? Sure, you … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Celebrating Jesus!

Celebrating Jesus this Christmas

This is Week 3 of the Simplify the Season series. Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend celebrating with your loved ones! I also hope that your weekend wasn't too overtaken by the crazy consumerism of Black Friday! I was really surprised on the first week of the Simplify the Season series when I ran the giveaway for A Simpler Season that so many of you said that your biggest struggle during the Holidays is simplifying your gift giving. I guess as our family has … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Vaction House

This is Week 2 of the Simplify the Season series. There is a neighborhood in our town where at least half of the families deck out their houses and yards with huge Christmas light displays, decorative yard displays and blow-up characters.  While our family has enjoyed an annual tradition of driving through the neighborhood and oohing and ahhing over the lights (the kids love it!), I can't help but think in the back of my mind, How much does all this cost, and how much energy does it … [Read more...]

Simplify the Season: Gifts, Shopping & A Giveaway

Simplify the Season series

For the next six weeks until Christmas (Yes, Christmas is only six weeks away!) I'm going to be running a Simplify the Season series here on Mondays. It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness and busyness that this season can bring, and as a family we've been trying to slow down and enjoy the things that really matter to us, spending time with each other and with family and friends that we love, taking the time to enjoy traditions and making memories together as a family, and celebrating … [Read more...]